We are a couple of passionate underwater photographers, we go diving to picture the wonders which lie beneath the surface of seas, oceans, lakes and rivers. We humbly hope that the photos we can bring back will help those who cannot dive love a bit more marine life, give it a bit more consideration, and ultimately want to protect it.
We started diving in 2007 and got certified in Bass Point (NSW, Australia), and then spent nearly 10 years diving the Mediterranean sea (south of France), the Red Sea, South Africa and South East Asia. In 2017, we relocated in Sydney, and are now enjoying the richness of Australian diving.
In terms of equipment, we have moved from traditional scuba gear to rebreathers in 2011/2012, now both diving rEvo rebreathers (and couldn't be happier with our units). This allowed us to get more intimate with wildlife, and now the time we can spend with fascinating underwater critters is more limited by our surface obligations than anything else :-)
In most dives we are together, one of us searching for critters and looking after the other one who takes pictures. 
Since we are often swapping roles while sharing the same camera, we have a common portfolio to showcase some of our favorite underwater photos.
Get in touch if you would like to order prints for some of our photos. If you don't find quite what you are after, feel free to email us, as we store hundreds of stunning photos not visible on the internet.
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