It took us nearly 10 years of self-study, lots of trial & error with a diversity of equipment and technique, to finally see our work published and awarded on a regular basis. Essentially, we have learnt underwater photography by ourselves, and it took time.
It doesn't have to be that way, you can learn faster the skills which took us a combined 1700 hours underwater to master. Nicolas teaches underwater photography in two flavors:
   1/ Private coaching (in person in Sydney, or via video conferencing)
   2/ Group classes (coming soon)
Are you keen to fast-track your progress in underwater photography? Contact us to make an appointment or read-on to find out more! 
1/ Private coaching session with Nicolas Remy
One-to-one coaching sessions are undoubtedly a great way to learn new photographic skills. 
Because this is a private training, YOU decide what is/are the topic(s) to cover, the session is fully tailored to your needs. Yet, underwater photography is a vast playground, so below are a few examples of subjects which Nicolas can address. 
For beginners, go through the key concepts and specific challenges of underwater photography, to avoid the typical mistakes, and give you a head start.
Nicolas will adapt the pace and content of the session to your experience, whether you are a seasoned top-side shooter, or whether that shiny GoPro is your very first camera.
Equipment advice
Based on our experience of using 8 camera models (DSLR, mirrorless, point & shoot), 3 housing brands, and 5 different strobe models, Nicolas can provide:
   - Unbiased advice on underwater photography gear choices: camera, lenses, housings, strobes and lighting accessories. 

   - Guidance on how to make the most of that newly acquired underwater photography setup.
   - The do's and don'ts of photo gear maintenance. Within a month we had flooded our first housing, and the following year we corroded our electronic flash sync cord during a liveaboard trip. Needless to say, we have put in place a routine to ensure our underwater photography equipment would not let us down anymore.
Dealing with backscatter
Learn how to position your strobes to effectively restore colors, whilst minimizing backscatter. The session can focus on wide-angle, macro, or cover both. 

Besides strobes positioning, We can discuss specific shooting techniques and accessories which also help reduce backscatter. 
Photos review and editing
Because of the emotional attachment we all have with our photos, it is hard to cast an objective view on own work. Being conscious about this bias since day one, we have taking a habit of  providing each other with constructive feedback on thousands of photos, which helped us raise the bar of our own imagery. 
Nicolas can work with you on photos from your last dive, your last dive trip, or your last year of diving:
   - Reviewing your images, identifying the best ones and providing suggestions on what to improve (if anything!).
   - Hands-on editing of your photos, teaching you how make the most of Adobe Lightroom.
Snoot photography masterclass
Snoots make it possible to produce stunning fish portraits with elegant black background, even under bright daylight and poor visibility. No wonder they are growing so popular! Nicolas can train you to master the difficult yet rewarding art of snoot lighting.  ​​​​​​
Advanced creative techniques
Have you seen a intriguing underwater photo, where you are not quite sure about the technique behind but would love to learn? Are you looking for ways to differentiate your work and appeal to competition judges? Nicolas can take you through the techniques which will set your photography apart (and be loads of fun to play with), such as off-camera strobes, backlighting, motion blur effects, etc. ​​​​​​​
Are you wondering whether diving a rebreather would be the next best thing to elevate your photography, or just to enjoy yourselves even more underwater?
Nicolas has spent 800+ hours taking photos on a closed-circuit rebreather, and has extensive knowledge of the rebreather marker. He can explain the various types of units designs available, their respective pros & cons for underwater photography, and highlight key considerations in deciding whether you should get one, and if so, how to select a unit. 
How much does it cost?
   - Private coaching is 120 AU$ per hour (1 hour minimum, $60 per extra 30 mins). 
   - Photo reviews & editing can be shorter (minimum is 30 minutes).
COVID discount: 20% off all online sessions while Sydney is in lockdown. 
Get in touch now to inquire about private coaching tailored to your own photographic priorities.
Thank you! Nicolas will be in touch shortly.
2/ Group Underwater Photography classes with Nicolas REMY 
Joining a course together with other like-minded divers is another great way to learn. Nicolas teaches both in-person classrooms (for Sydney divers) and virtual classes (via video-conferencing). 
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