OzDiver July-September 2021: cover shot, parting shot, and a portfolio showcasing 20 of our favorite photos.
Wetpixel full frame article about Sydney, revealing in 20 photos why we love so much our local diving here.
cover photo of Nicolas REMY
cover photo of Nicolas REMY
Scuba Diver magazine ANZ #32, cover photo and featured article on black anglerfish (black frogfish) photography
Divelog Australasia #386, a four pages report on the multiple dives Nicolas and Lena completed in South West Rocks, with a focus on how beneficial a rebreather can be for those shark dives betweeen 8 and 35 meters depth. 
Divelog Australasia #385, Nicolas Remy explains the various advantages which a rebreather can bring. Spoiler alert: rebreathers are not only great for deep, technical dives, but also yield many advantages for shallow diving. 
Underwater Photography Magazine (UWPmag) #117, Nicolas delivers a detailed field review of the newly released Retra Flash Pro and its accessories, based on more than 75 hours spent underwater with this strobe.
Scuba Diver magazine ANZ #28, destination report on Sudanese reefs, covering the Cousteau Pre-Continent relics, and the famous World-War II wreck, the Umbria.
Scuba Diver magazine ANZ #26, Nicolas reports on the mating ritual of Port Jackson sharks, which he was privileged to witness during a shore dive in Manly (North Sydney).
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