cover photo of Nicolas REMY
cover photo of Nicolas REMY
Scuba Diver magazine ANZ #32, cover photo and featured article on black anglerfish (black frogfish) photography
Divelog Australasia #386, a four pages report on the multiple dives Nicolas and Lena completed in South West Rocks, with a focus on how beneficial a rebreather can be for those shark dives betweeen 8 and 35 meters depth. 
Divelog Australasia #385, Nicolas Remy explains the various advantages which a rebreather can bring. Spoiler alert: rebreathers are not only great for deep, technical dives, but also yield many advantages for shallow diving. 
Underwater Photography Magazine (UWPmag) #117, Nicolas delivers a detailed field review of the newly released Retra Flash Pro and its accessories, based on more than 75 hours spent underwater with this strobe.
Scuba Diver magazine ANZ #28, destination report on Sudanese reefs, covering the Cousteau Pre-Continent relics, and the famous World-War II wreck, the Umbria.
Scuba Diver magazine ANZ #26, Nicolas reports on the mating ritual of Port Jackson sharks, which he was privileged to witness during a shore dive in Manly (North Sydney).
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